Read Our Winter Newsletter

Read our Winter 2021 Newsletter! See what we have been up to and what our agency is all about.

Working here is working with impact every single day!

The people who use our organization are people who are living with an intellectual disability and they need supports to live their best life. That’s where we come in, providing financial, social and personal supports.

In short, we help people live independently, obtain paid employment, manage their finances and improve their physical and social skills to do the things they want to do so they can be more inclusive in the world.

Inclusion is what drives us to do our jobs everyday and along the way we have helped other organizations become more inclusive. We were the first agency in North America to become accredited through the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) and we are diligent at meeting our quality assurance commitments.

Feel free to ask us about this agency and working here. We love talking about it!